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I was just thinking…

I was just thinking what it would be like to have a counseling session with Jesus today?!  Would he have a swanky sofa for His clients to lay on as they shared their deepest thoughts?  Would Jesus analyze the unconscious id and draw from the latest psychoanalytic theories to diagnose the existential plight of His client(s).  Probably not!  I do think He might say something rude, offensive, humorous, deep, subversive, repulsive, profound, crazy, bewildering, facile, cryptic, and life changing.  If I was in a session with Jesus, I would whip out my favorite sharpie fine point pen, take some notes, and let Him do the talking.  (that’s my attempt at humor). Fortunately, the Gospel story does chronicle for us the nuanced personality of Jesus in a startling fashion.  I’m always perplexed and captivated whenever I read the baffling ways Jesus deals with evil, hurt, pain, sickness, despair, and fear.  Jesus is so downright unconventional and scandalous; not like the modern vision of Jesus who is more like a wandering zen rabbi who meticulously straight irons his hair, has a breathtaking faux tan, and throws out timeless aphorisms to a spellbound and eccentric group of followers.  Remember Peter, poor little guy, Jesus called him “the Satan”.  What if Peter was just having a bad day?  Perhaps, the ministry was the reason for his psychological breakdown?  Think about the stress of trying to figure out a messiah who intends to die on a Roman cross, on purpose!?  Huhhhh?  The messiah, according to Jewish prophetic writings, would not only usher in a new creation but would vanquish the pagan enemies of Israel.  How is Jesus, the most brilliant rabbi and prophet in Israel’s history, going to do all that the prophets foretold by dying on a cross!?  I can only imagine the intense headache that Peter was suffering.  Aspirin anyone? ( another lame joke, I know)  Jesus is so unlike what we would expect.  This is the tragic reason of his rejection and suffering.  The religious leaders couldn’t fit Him into their nice theological categories and so they refused to follow the fresh and prophetic vision that this young prophet from Nazareth announced.  So, what would Jesus be like today?  First, I think we need to beware of finding a Jesus that is entirely congenial to us, a Jesus that somehow fits into our limited theological presuppositions.  If Jesus is not a threat to your safety or comfort, if your convenience is never disturbed by him, I’m afraid you have a distorted and wrong picture of Jesus. So, to answer the question from the top: What would Jesus be like as a counselor?  Well, I can say for sure He wouldn’t have a swanky couch for you to lay on! Why would you want one anyways?!  Couches are for therapy, for talking about ourselves and, well, it’s Jesus. Anyways, I think Jesus would be far too interesting of a diversion.  Sitting on a lazy-boy rehashing my unconscious self doesn’t sound like a compelling alternative.  Don’t you think?


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